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It all started in 1965 when two British publishers, Heinemann and Cassell, formed a groundwork for publishing in Nairobi. In those days, the whole of Africa used to be a market place where books published in European metropolises were transported to and sold.

In 1972, our company Chairman, Dr. Henry Chakava, was appointed as the first African Editor at Heinemann. From then on, we have moved from heights to heights. The leadership of Dr. Chakava gained international recognition when Oxford Brooks University honoured him with a doctorate last year for his indefatigable contribution to publishing not only in the African continent, but also on the international scene.

In 1968, Heinnemann Educational Books (EA) Limited changed its name to Heinemann ( Kenya ) Ltd when part of it became locally owned. Twenty four years later, in 1992, the company became the first multinational publishing firm to enjoy full local ownership, and thereby changed its name to East African Educational Publishers. As you can see, we have come a long way.

As we continue reorganising and reasserting ourselves in an increasingly competitive industry, we strive to juggle the seemingly contradicting values of publishing works of enduring value cutting across the social ,cultural, political and economic spectrum of society and at the same time excelling as a viable business that is ready to face the realities and vagaries of the technology age. Towards this end, we have endeavored to match talent with roles, and strengthening our technological resources so as to stand up and be counted among the world’s best, a task that our staff and other stakeholders hold so dear it borders on the sacred.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our aim is to contribute as much as possible in the gathering, packaging and disseminating of ideas and information through products that compare to no others. Our commitment to socio-cultural health of our people is also evidenced in our corporate social responsibility projects. During the annual EAEP LTD Annual Book Donation event, we identify those areas in society that need assistance and give out millions and millions worth of books. Besides, we participate in talent-searching initiatives such the Kenya Publishers Association’s Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature, National Book Development Council’s National Literary Award and many other avenues through which talent is identified with a view to nurturing it.

Most important is that we have chosen not to sit back and bask in the glory of our eventful past. Instead, we are ready to face the challenges ahead and secure the first position in publishing. We are committed to sacrifice whatever it takes, for we have come too far to allow ourselves to come second to anyone.

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