Competency-Based Curriculum Books (CBC)

The foundation of these books is the new Competency-Based Curriculum which emphasises the importance of developing skills and knowledge of the learner and applying these to real life situations. We have developed our books with the aim of growing the learner’s analytical, creative and evaluation skills. Since learning is social, learners have numerous activities to do in pairs, in groups and in class to help each other learn. In addition, our book

underscore the role of the teacher as a facilitator of learning, not simply as a source of knowledge.
The teachers’ guides that accompany the new curriculum books offer a detailed guide on how to approach the subtopics and activities in the pupil’s book.  Further, they provide all the answers to all the exercises given in the students’ books.

CRE Act 1

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CRE Act Grade 2

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Environmental Act 1

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Eng Language Act 3

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Kiswahili Angaza 1

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Kiswahili Angaza 2

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Kiswahili Angaza 3

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Mathematics Act 2

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Somo Ber 1

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Wirute Gikuyu Kiega 1

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Wirute Gikuyu Kiega 2

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