Get Published

Get Published

Guidelines for Authors

We receive many letters from would-be authors, inquiring about our publishing procedure. Below are some of the things we consider before a manuscript is accepted for publication:
The manuscript must be well written in coherent standard language. It should be typed, preferably double-spaced. The manuscript can then be sent to us by registered post, hand delivery or by email. The author must retain a copy of his/her manuscript, to safeguard against loss or damage, because we do not guarantee compensation for lost or damaged manuscripts. The manuscript must have the author’s name and address. The author must inform us of any changes of address. It is also important for prospective authors to read our published works so as to know the kind of works that we publish under our various series.
Every manuscript that is sent requires a minimum of twelve weeks to be properly assessed and evaluated. After a manuscript is assessed, the author may be sent (a) written report(s), or be requested to appear at our editorial offices for a verbal discussion on the work, or be asked to react in writing to the report(s). We are however under no obligation to give assessment reports.
If the manuscript has received two or more favourable reports, it is discussed at our Editorial Board meeting, where a collective decision on whether to publish it is made. Rejected manuscripts in this case will be immediately sent back to the authors, even if they have favourable reports.
If a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will be contacted to sign a publishing contract. Details of agreement are laid down, and if both parties are satisfied with the terms, the manuscript is then produced as a book. The details of such a contractual agreement are, however, not discussed until the manuscript has been officially accepted for publication. It is also important to note that no monetary transactions are carried out before the publishing contract has been signed.

The Book

Give a brief description in one or two paragraphs, including its uniqueness. Prepare an outline or table of contents. This gives us an idea of how the material fits together. What are the outstanding features of your work? This will guide us in understanding your motivation for writing.

What additional supporting documents will you require for your work? For instance, do you require photographs, maps,  glossaries or references? Will you provide some of these requirements or you will solely depend on us – the publisher?
Do you know of any similar works that that have been published? If yes, how does your proposed book compare and contrast with already existing works?


Target Markets
Who is your core market? Is it a pre-primary school textbook/reader, primary school textbook/reader, secondary school textbook/reader, tertiary/university textbook/reader/reference book, general book on travel, leisure, humour, cookery, environment or creative writing fact/fiction? What is the best distribution channel for your book? School/university/general library, bookshops or gift shops?


Work Status
What percentage of the book have you written so far? Do you have a working plan outlining when you will have finished the whole manuscript? Can you estimate the size of the book upon completion, including illustrations (if any)?


Sample Chapters
Kindly send us a few chapters that you have written for us to assess the content and your writing style so as to know how much editorial intervention would be required in case
your work is accepted.


Author’s Background

Kindly include your current CV or brief biography of your writing, teaching, and/or educational background and experience. Also include your current photograph. List any books that you have published and any other relevant information that qualifies you to write this book.

Allow a minimum of 12 weeks for the manuscript evaluation and review process. We will contact you as soon as we have thoroughly examined your manuscript.

Thank you for your interest in East African Educational Publishers Ltd!